KAISHIN Sekiso / Damascus Kiritsuke Blue 2 Gyuto 210mm

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Kaishin Carbon Damascus Aogami 2 Kiritsuke 210mm


The carbon damascus collection by Kaishin are thinner behind the edge than the Kurouchi series and feel lighter and more refined. This large chef’s knife is deep from edge to spine; a great cutter thats highly versatile. The craftsmen prioritise heat treatment over fit and finish and the blades are evidently hand forged; the Aogami 2 core takes a wicked edge and will hold up well as its tough and quite high hardness (Aproximately HRC 62). We recommend using this knife in conjunction with a sand rubber to manage the patina that it will develop through use. 

Edge Angle: Double-edged 

Blade Length: 210mm 

Total Length: 365mm

Weight: 185g

Hardness: 62/63HRC

Steel: Aogami / Blue Carbon Steel No2

Handle : Traditional Hachikaku / Octagonal Rosewood/Paaka Wood Ferrule 

Saya/ Sheath: Not included 

Corrosion Resistance: None