KAWAMURA Kusabi Kurouchi Gyuto 210mm / Kuro

Kawamura Hocho
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KICHIJI  Kuro-Kusabi / Made by Kawamura, Gyuto 210mm

Hand forged in Sanjo in Nigata prefecture by a third generation bladesmith, he produces knives entirely by hand and due to his limited production prefers to remain anonymous. He works alone in his family’s shop producing a very limited quantity of knives entirely by hand, he prefers to use the traditional carbon steels produced by the Yasuki steel mill. This series consists of a traditional San-Mai construction with a Kurouchi finish, the cladding is stainless for ease of maintenance and the core is Shirogami chosen for its wear resisitance and ease of sharpening. The blades have quite a large amount of depth and a fine edge geometry making them excellent cutters. The Hira (flat) of the knife has an unusual textured finish which aids in food release.

Edge Angle: Double-edged 

Blade Length: 210mm 

Total Length: 350mm

Weight: 190g

Hardness: 60/62HRC

Steel: Shirogami/White Carbon Steel

Handle : Traditional Hachikaku Handle American cherry/Ebony

Saya/ Sheath: Not included 

Corrosion Resistance: None