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Sanyo Professional Knife Whetstone (Medium Grain ‰1000) with Wooden stand

This is a high recommended whetstone by our blacksmith for sharpening stainless knives, carbon steel knives or any kind of steel knives. This whetstone can use longer period of durability than any other brands. The Medium grain stone 1000‰ is used for minor repairs and making the blade sharper. We recommend using this stone for regular sharpening. If the surface of the stone is rough, please fix with a stone fixer.

Size: Stone 211mm X 73mm X 21mm / wooden stand 225mm X 85mm X 28mm

Notes about use

The Sanyo Whetstone Stones don’t need to soak, it just pour some water on the stone before sharpening. •After use, just wipe and dry. •Avoid storing this stone in direct sunlight. Avoid keeping the stone in water for a long time. 

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